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Price list, Terms & Conditions

We offer trekking bikes for rental. Our bikes are equipped with lights, bells, carriers, mud guards and reliable integrated ring-locks AXA.

Groups (min. 10 pers.) can expect 10% discount.
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Trekking bikes wheel sizes 26" and 28"
21 gears, male and female frames

rental price:
1 day (9.00-17.00) - 40PLN (approx. 10 €)
24 hours - 50PLN (approx. 12 €)
1 week - 250PLN (approx. 60 €)
  1. Deposit for 1 bike: 150 PLN (approx. 35 €) + ID (e.g. passport, driving licence, identity card) or cash - 900 PLN (approx. 215 €).
  2. For the duration of the rental we will prepare a written contract.
  3. Rental payment will be taken in advance.
  4. Rental may be refused for upon discretion.
  5. The renter (client) is responsible for any damage or loss of the bike for the duration of the rental period (i.e. from signing the contract to returning the bike). In case of damage either caused by the renter or a third party, or theft of the bicycle, the renter is responsible for full costs incurred (e.g. if stolen, the renter will pay 900 PLN / approx. 215 € + duration of the time taken to return the bicycle).
  6. Our company do not claim any responsibility for injury or third-party damage caused during the period of the rental. The renter does not place any responsibility on the side of our company with respect to any damage or injury caused during the duration of the rental period.
  7. The bicycle needs to be returned to the company by the agreed time, as stated upon commencement of the rental period. If the renter exceeds the period originally agreed, they will be responsibile for any additional costs incurred.

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